Our Mission is to Help Individuals and Families on the Road to Recovery

At Shadow Mountain Recovery we provide a continuum of care. This means that we offer programming for every level of addiction treatment and provide ongoing support. Our well-rounded treatment experience nourishes the spirit and helps to establish new life patterns through the application of effective therapeutic resources. These clinical resources are coupled with the philosophy of 12 Step recovery and engaging physical and recreational activities as an outlet for self-expression. We are committed to helping to establish quality recovery, while cultivating fun and adventure as part of the healthy pursuit of a life worth living.

Our Continuum of Care Addiction Treatment Programs in Colorado, New Mexico & Utah

Addiction Treatment can be accomplished at different levels of care. Depending on a person’s awareness of the issues, motivation for change and ability to tolerate and manage competing priorities while attempting to address this health concern, there are several options. The following [are] descriptions are meant to help by providing information about the terms and services involved within the addiction treatment continuum. A client’s readiness for transition from one level of care to another is determined through careful assessment and always includes the client in the treatment process.


The first step in the continuum of care for some clients is an appropriate detoxification for alcohol, benzodiazepines, and opiates. We offer both Ambulatory and Medical Detox from Drug use and Alcohol. Our medical teams use a standard protocol that is approved for each type of drug detox including alcohol detox (which can be very complicated). Our staff of professionals, comprised of Doctors, Therapists, RNs, and LPNs are trained to handle all aspects of a detox along with the withdrawal symptoms. In New Mexico detox is a very important resource and our team provides a caring option for families. Because of the proximity, we can also meet the needs of Colorado detox clients in many cases.


Primary Addiction Treatment

Residential drug and alcohol treatment is the centerpiece of the Shadow Mountain Recovery programs. We offer both men’s and women’s programming for primary treatment and extended care treatment. These services are available at the residential campus located in a mountain setting east of Taos, New Mexico. We also provide 30 days of primary residential treatment in addition to detoxification services at the facility in Albuquerque, NM. Primary treatment services are available for men and women in Colorado Springs and Denver through a hybrid program that combines Day Treatment in addition to therapeutic sober homes and a weekly schedule for community based activities. This model is particularly effective for ease of transition, since the experience is experiential and grounded in activities of daily living. Shadow Mountain Recovery leads the way with innovative long-term addiction treatment in Colorado and New Mexico.


Extended Care Treatment

Extended care is a great resource for anyone who is learning to live a sober lifestyle but it is an especially important part of treatment planning for young adults. Early recovery has many new experiences to be explored and mastered while learning how to apply new skills. It is important to normalize sober activities. Extended care assures that clients have an accountability structure in which to grow while learning to navigate sober relationships and participate in activities of daily living and recreational opportunities that do not include drug and alcohol use. Developing a balanced and well-rounded lifestyle that includes informed self-care, adventure and fun is an important focus for extended care treatment within the Shadow Mountain Recovery continuum of treatment services.


Day Treatment

Shadow Mountain Recovery provides an excellent Day Treatment Program in Colorado Springs and Denver, Colorado. The day treatment program allows people to participate in treatment that is very similar to a residential model, for primary addiction treatment or while in the process of transition from residential to outpatient drug treatment. This resource is a great example of the consistency available as clients grow and develop within a continuum of care. The day treatment program consists of a 30 to 90 day treatment process. Our experienced team will evaluate which length of stay is the most appropriate for each client and create a personalized rehab program.


Intensive Outpatient Program

Shadow Mountain Recovery offers Intensive Outpatient Programming (or IOP) in both Colorado Springs and Denver during evening hours and daytime IOP at the Albuquerque center.
IOP programming is for clients that are in the early stages of addiction recovery, are able to function with day-to-day activities, but still need the structure of a therapeutic process to guide them while learning the skills for sustainable recovery.


Therapeutic Sober Living

Shadow Mountain Recovery is known for beautiful, gender specific, therapeutic sober homes. Each sober home is located in a well-maintained and established neighborhood around each of our Colorado treatment centers. Sober living is an important resource for early recovery. Colorado sober living options can be very different in terms of living environment and peer culture. Our Shadow Mountain Recovery homes offer spacious living quarters, quality furnishings and consistent staffing for a very comfortable and stable sober-living environment. The gender specific residence is a great resource for men and women, researching Denver sober living options (in particular), since there are limited and varied resources available in this area.


Behavioral Healthcare

The Shadow Mountain Behavioral Health agency provides a broad range of mental health services including medications, psychological evaluations and a variety of mental health approaches in both individual and group settings. SM Behavioral Health serves a diverse population and ages. We provide family and couples therapy sessions. A significant piece of the SM Behavioral Health agency is our focus with substance abuse issues. We provide Intensive Outpatient (IOP) services, co-occurring disorders treatment, and medication services which provides flexibility and convenience.



The disease of addiction often results in a profound effect on families. Anxiety becomes a constant part of daily life. Many describe the phenomenon of “feeling impending doom or like we’re walking on eggshells” and feeling powerless to affect a sustainable change.

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Women's Program

The women’s programming provides treatment for addiction and other co-occurring disorders. The program responds specifically to women’s recovery issues including post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma recovery, anxiety, codependency, and difficulty in managing relationships.

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Why Out-of-State Treatment

There are many challenges that accompany early recovery from addiction. Obviously, there are physical considerations along with specific people and places that would be associated with the drug or alcohol use. There are also emotional triggers that can present challenges in terms of stability while new skills are developing.

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Clinical Complexity

It is not unusual for addiction to be accompanied by other conditions. Many people experience significant depression, anxiety or reality distortions while they are actively engaged in the addictive process. These related conditions might improve with abstinence.

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