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Case Management at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center

In the healthcare services industry, case management is a powerful tool that is used to help patients identify factors in their treatment and what they need to be doing to ensure a successful recovery. Case management services help people take a step-by-step approach to their treatment to increase outcomes.

In our experience, at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center, case management services have a profound impact on increasing the success rates of addiction recovery, which is why we offer a case manager to work with each of our patients. Learn more about how our case management services work, below.

Case Management Steps 

  • Intervention Planning: A case manager at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center can help set up and coordinate an intervention to get a loved one into recovery.
  • Detoxification Planning: When a patient’s addiction is severe, then a case manager may coordinate detoxification services at our treatment center or a center in the surrounding area.
  • Mental Health Therapy Coordination: A case manager helps you determine which therapeutic modalities are going to be beneficial for you to succeed in our treatment program
  • Financial Payment Structuring: On top of a stressful situation that is addiction recovery, insurance and addiction treatment can be especially complicated. A case manager can help you figure out the best payment method for treatment, and can assist with the communication with your insurance company, in order to reduce the financial burden.
  • Aftercare Follow Ups: Once finished with our treatment programs, our patients typically go through a period of aftercare. A case manager helps facilitate the aftercare process, whether it is planning for medications or setting up appointments to ensure that a patient is maintaining their sobriety.

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If you have any questions about how a case manager can play into addiction recovery services, and how we do it here at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center in Texas, then please don’t hesitate to give our team a call, today!

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I am so grateful for Sara Buckler and the dedication she has to her profession. She is willing to go above and beyond for her clients, always available and so compassionate. Thank you Sara!!

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Wonderful staff. They are honestly vested in the recovery of the clients but also just simply care. I have no regrets for my stay.

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