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Case Management at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center

In the healthcare services industry, case management is a powerful tool that is used to help patients identify factors in their treatment and what they need to be doing to ensure a successful recovery. Case management services help people take a step-by-step approach to their treatment to increase outcomes.

In our experience, at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center, case management services have a profound impact on increasing the success rates of addiction recovery, which is why we offer a case manager to work with each of our patients. Learn more about how our case management services work, below.

Case Management Steps 

  • Intervention Planning: A case manager at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center can help set up and coordinate an intervention to get a loved one into recovery.
  • Detoxification Planning: When a patient’s addiction is severe, then a case manager may coordinate detoxification services at our treatment center or a center in the surrounding area.
  • Mental Health Therapy Coordination: A case manager helps you determine which therapeutic modalities are going to be beneficial for you to succeed in our treatment program
  • Financial Payment Structuring: On top of a stressful situation that is addiction recovery, insurance and addiction treatment can be especially complicated. A case manager can help you figure out the best payment method for treatment, and can assist with the communication with your insurance company, in order to reduce the financial burden.
  • Aftercare Follow Ups: Once finished with our treatment programs, our patients typically go through a period of aftercare. A case manager helps facilitate the aftercare process, whether it is planning for medications or setting up appointments to ensure that a patient is maintaining their sobriety.

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If you have any questions about how a case manager can play into addiction recovery services, and how we do it here at Ripple Ranch Recovery Center in Texas, then please don’t hesitate to give our team a call, today!

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