Our Recovery Story

Holub FamilySeveral years ago, the Holub family began their journey down the road of recovery when they acknowledged they needed to find help for their son. He was eighteen years old, spiraling down the dark road of addiction when he agreed to enter wilderness treatment; leaving behind his family, friends, and an upcoming high school graduation. At the same time, his parents and sister had much to learn about the disease of addiction and the way in which it affects a family. Through firm but gentle counseling, the Holubs’ realized that their entire family was now in recovery.

Like so many other families, our experience began with the denial stage. Quickly we evolved to the crisis stage, with no answers to the question “where do we turn for help?” That is when the process became far more difficult. To whom, could we possibly entrust our loved one? Where could we find hope and healing for our family?

We went ahead and made the emotional, financial, and time commitments but all of that was not enough. We always had to count on the treatment program and staff providing the service, along with our son’s continued commitment to receiving and wanting treatment. There were many moving parts that had to work in sync to have a successful outcome. There were no straight lines to treatment professionals and certainly no guarantees for success despite the full-blown commitment our family had made.

After a significant financial commitment and just short of two years of treatment advice, we were still completely unprepared. We had an incredible amount of work yet to be done. Following a “life and death” crisis, we had to find a way to achieve sobriety for our child while reuniting our family. These actions had to become our way of day-to-day life.

The simplicity and reality of how the disease of addiction affects the entire family is easy to see when you’re living it. There are no quick fixes, and money certainly can’t make the problem go away. The Holub family did the hard work; and more importantly, continue to do the work now (Shadow Mountain Recovery was created in 2007).

It is because of our experience that we have built a network of programming and clinical treatment services, which provide a full continuum of care for the entire family. We have focused on creating one treatment system that can coordinate resources from start to finish; while teaching the life skills required to accept being in recovery as a change in your life and family dynamics.

The Holub Family chose to create a recovery program with the hope they could prevent another family from feeling the hopelessness of addiction, without resources or support. We learned first hand, and the hard way, about what would be needed to establish the long-term recovery process. We hope to pass that knowledge on to other families in order to increase the chance of success. Our entire family works for Shadow Mountain and remain committed to this mission.

“Our mission is to help individuals and families on the road to recovery.” That mission statement, along with love and respect for our clients is entrenched in the everyday commitment of service in our recovery programs.