Young Adult Sober Living

Young Adult Sober Living


Shadow Mountain Recovery is a non-profit addiction rehab & sober living program for young men in Taos, New Mexico. Our focus combines the principles and concepts of 12 step programs with adventure and recreational therapies.

We are a residential treatment center set in a therapeutic sober living environment. When admitted to Shadow Mountain, all residents receive a 2-3 week assessment to determine the proper aftercare plan and recovery track.

We provide apartment style sober living and a campus filled with amazing outdoor activities. Our location on 37 acres of pristine national forest delivers a wilderness experience right on our campus in New Mexico.

Extensive Therapeutic Services

Our program provides extensive therapeutic services for the entire family. Shadow Mountain’s commitment is not only to recovery from addiction, but the family work needed to repair the damage caused by addiction. We specialize in helping young men become self supporting confident young adults, ready to take on life and responsibility while living a fun sober lifestyle.

Our recovery and clinical team provide a continuum of care that has established Shadow Mountain as a leader in extended care and adventure recovery.

Call us now at (800) 764-7250 to learn more about our extended care program and young adult rehab program for young men.