Clinical Complexity

Clinical Complexity

It is not unusual for addiction to be accompanied by other conditions. Many people experience significant depression, anxiety or reality distortions while they are actively engaged in the addictive process. These related conditions might improve with abstinence. However, assessment and treatment of mood and thinking issues in conjunction with addiction treatment is the best care plan. Co-occurring conditions can seriously threaten the stability of early recovery.

Clinical Complexity:

Licensed and experienced clinicians

SMR has a team of skilled clinicians who understand the disease of addiction and have experience working with the process of change and related clinical issues.

Specialty Practices

We have clinicians on our staff who have specialties related to trauma, emotional dysregulation, identity, clinical testing and assessment, family therapy, co-occurring disorders, psychiatric assessment and medication management. All of our clinical resources are available to our clients in recovery programming.

Gender Specific Programming

We provide specific housing, group therapy, recovery and recreation programming to target the unique needs of our clients apart from coed programming.


Individual therapy weekly, trauma informed treatment, attachment therapy, DBT, EMDR, psychological testing, neuropsychological testing, vocational assessment, family therapy, single family workshop, pharmagenetic testing, psychiatric care, medication management.