Colorado Springs Therapeutic Sober Living (Colorado Springs, CO)

Colorado Springs Therapeutic Sober Living

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Entering a sober living home is a great way for those who have completed a residential therapy program to transition back into their daily lives, or for those who are just beginning their recovery process to get a sturdy foothold. Coupling a day treatment program with a sober living situation in our Colorado Springs location offers a level of care and stability that rivals a residential treatment program. Residents of these facilities will have treatment staff available at all times, and be provided the structure they need for healing to take place.

Day treatment and sober living situations are ideal for those who don’t qualify for residential treatment due to insurance limitations. It’s also a great option for those who need aggressive treatment for their addiction, but who don’t require the intensity of a full residential stay. Family workshops, continuing education, group therapy, and individual sessions are all part of the custom treatment plans that are crafted for every resident of our sober living homes.

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