Our Albuquerque Team Leader

Camille Cisneroz, PhD, LPCC, Clinical Director

Dr. Camille Cisneroz has lived most of her life in the Southwest. As a child of the sun, she appreciates the beauty of the desert. Cisneroz is bilingual (Spanish/English) and is a descendent of Mexican, Spanish, Native American (Yaqui), German, French and Welsh backgrounds. She thrives on cultural competence.

Dr. Cisneroz has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years. She provided clinical service in domestic violence shelters, state mental health services, the school systems, in home services, child protective services and early infant mental health. She was a clinical director for a shelter of unaccompanied minors and recently became the Clinical Director at Shadow Mountain Recovery. In these settings, Dr. Cisneroz has continually addressed the needs of children and families affected by substance abuse.

Dr. Cisneroz has been trained in Reality/Choice therapy, Attachment, Mindfulness, Seeking Safety, Executive Functioning, and trauma, and is certified in Circle of Security. Her specialties include trauma, human development, attachment/relationships, and domestic violence which often underscore addiction. Throughout her career, she strives to learn and do better for those she serves.

She earned a Bachelors in Social Work, a Masters Degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology and a Ph.D., in Psychology.

Dr. Cisneroz feels honored and humbled by clients who allow her to share their recovery journey and their willingness to share their sacred inner place of pain, trauma and loss. She witnesses the daily struggle of addiction and its affects on her clients and their families. Two years after the death of her own mother, she provides compassionate care while assisting clients on their recovery journey.

Morgan OrtizMorgan Ortiz

Morgan is an Albuquerque, New Mexico native with strong ties to the community. As a former law enforcement officer he was dedicated to helping those he served, and he now dedicates his time to help those wanting to get sober. Morgan is completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Counseling and Addiction Studies in 2018. Morgan is an accomplished wrestler and grappler and at one point was ranked the #1 grappler in the nation. He is also a coach at the world famous Jackson/Wink MMA Gym. He is happily married with two daughters.