Taos Recovery Center

Taos Recovery Center

Our rehabilitation center in the mountains of Taos, New Mexico is focused on helping you heal and rebuild. Here, our patients participate in a 12-step program. We use a unique model, which is designed to enable lasting recovery from any substance addiction. At Shadow Mountain, we use a holistic approach that is rooted in evidence-based methods. We carefully customize our treatment plan to fit the needs of each individual patient that comes into our care. 

Program Features

  • Integrated family therapy program
  • 30-90 day programs available
  • Gorgeous facility locations with close access to the mountains
  • 12 months of aftercare support
  • 1:6 staff to patient ratio
  • Emphasis on self-care

We are committed to the success of our clients. Upon admission, we will address addiction to substances such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and prescription pills. Our unique program is designed to identify any underlying problems and causes of addiction, while resolving family issues and mental challenges that usually make recovery difficult.

Our Location

Shadow Mountain Taos is a private residential estate, nestled among beautiful mountains that will instantly give you a feeling of tranquility. It’s easily accessible, so that your family may conveniently come and visit you during your stay with us, as well as to attend family therapy sessions. Our facility is the perfect place for you to reconnect with yourself and begin your journey to rehabilitation.

Location Amenities

  • Over 20 beds
  • 37 acre property
  • Large and well equipped gym
  • Basketball court
  • Easy access to numerous gorgeous hikes

Call Today to Learn More

Our team in Taos is standing by, ready to help you learn more about how our rehabilitation program can help you or a loved one today. Don’t hesitate to call or get in touch with us via text or email. You can learn more about Shadow Mountain Taos Recovery Center by browsing the links below.

Call (800) 203-8249

Taos Recovery Center

  • 250 Shadow Mountain Road
  • Taos, NM 87571
  • Phone: (800) 203-8249

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Taos Recovery Center

Men's Gender-Specific Residential Treatment

Our Location

250 Shadow Mountain Road

Taos, NM 87571

800-203-8249(800) 203-8249

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Reviews & Testimonials

See what people are saying about us.

This place saved my life. There's no other way to put it. I would have lost my life to my addiction if I had not chosen Shadow Mountain in Taos. I am grateful every day that I decided on this place. I had been to inpatient rehabilitation centers before, and this is by far the best that I've been to. Everybody that works there understands and cares about what the clients are going through. The area is absolutely beautiful. There are plenty of activities to join in on. And the recovery scene in Taos is incredible. It is not an easy program, but it is life saving.

Daniel Terrazas

Because SMR was founded by the parents of a young man in recovery it works with the whole family to achieve long term sobriety. The communication with parents truly sets SMR apart from other rehab homes.

Linda Brown