Albuquerque Recovery Center

Albuquerque Recovery Center offers three distinct, highly individualized tracks:

Medically Managed Detox

Licensed and JCAHO accredited, our medical detox program assists clients with physical stabilization and withdrawal transition in a safe, comfortable (private rooms) medically managed environment. MD physicians and registered nurses manage your or your loved ones care 24/7 and provide each client with physical stabilization, comfort, and transition through withdrawal symptoms.

Shadow Mountain Recovery Detox + Treatment at Albuquerque provides residential medical detox programs, including drug detox, prescription pill detox, and alcohol detox. We utilize national medical standards, and our clients’ comfort and safety are our TOP priorities. Medical protocols are initiated upon arrival, and each of our locations maintains low nurse-to-client ratios for maximum quality of care.

Medically Managed Detox & 2-4 Week Residential Treatment

All clients at Shadow Mountain Recovery Detox & Treatment at Albuquerque receive medical supervised detox. In this track, they also choose to enroll in our Two-Four Week Residential Treatment and Assessment program — an extensive psychiatric, medical, nutritional, psychological and psychosocial development assessment conducted by licensed therapists and physicians.

This critical assessment process establishes an understanding of the client’s condition, needs, past treatment experiences, physical health, psychological state, family history and much more. This comprehensive assessment is critical to ensuring that the Shadow Mountain Recovery team can provide the best, most individualized addiction and substance use disorder treatment for each client and, in some cases, determine if additional care — or even a different center — may best suit their needs.

While in the 14-day residential assessment phase, clients will also participate in group, family and individual counseling sessions and some behavioral health educational seminars. A combination of one, or both, of these services, is generally what is required to provide our adult clients with effective stabilization, reliable assessments, treatment planning and initial therapies. Through this evaluation process, we can identify the real underlying issues behind the substance use. Only then we can effectively begin treating drug and alcohol addiction and substance use disorders.

Stand Alone Two-Week Residential Treatment

Shadow Mountain Recovery Detox & Treatment at Albuquerque also offers a track where patients join us for 14 days and receive a thorough evaluation of their physical and mental conditions along with recommendations that may or may not include more residential treatment or outpatient partner referral programs.

Intended for those who have completed detox elsewhere or do not require detox, this 14-day stand alone program is unique in the industry and provides patients an excellent opportunity to learn about themselves, their condition and the underlying issues that may have contributed to substance use. They begin therapies and participate in biosocial neuropsycho educational seminars as well.

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Albuquerque Recovery Center

Medical Detox + 2-4 Week Treatment

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Reviews & Testimonials

See what people are saying about us.

I am a person in long-term recovery, which to me means I haven’t used any alcohol or drugs since January 15th of 2017. At Shadow Mountain, the clinical staff was experienced, patient, and engaged. The support staff such as the techs all represented strong recovery and guys like Nate played a vital role in the beginning of my sobriety. The facilities were adequate and the medical aspect (pharmacology, therapy, group activities) were efficient and beneficial. I wouldn’t have the life I have today without Shadow Mountain.

Travis Gudenrath

Shadow Mountain saved my life. It was an incredible experience that taught me about who I am and gave me the skills necessary to continue on finding my place in this world. As I write this review I am 3 years 9 months and 29 days sober. I owe my life to John Beemer and the rest of the staff. If your looking to get the treatment you need; the treatment you deserve, Shadow Mountain is definitely a good place to start. They changed my life, and I hope they can do the same for you! 5 stars!!

John Riley