Men’s Activity-Based Addiction Treatment

It isn’t easy to make the decision to seek help for an alcohol or drug problem. Many assume that they know how treatment will be, and that is often why people stay away from treatment programs. If you are uncomfortable sharing your feelings with everyone and participating in group therapy, trust us—you are not alone.

Working out at the gym, hiking, playing softball, and/or spending some time with furry animals does not sound like addiction therapy to the majority of individuals; however, at Shadow Mountain Recovery, these are the types of things that you will get to participate in—and enjoy—throughout your addiction treatment program. Known as activity-based therapy, this particular component is actually a feature of a number of top-ranked and well-known alcohol and drug recovery programs.

So, Why Is Activity-Based Therapy So Important?

It is particularly tough to delve deep into your feelings to find out why you have been risking your relationships, job, and health to use drugs and/or alcohol, especially for men who don’t necessarily view themselves as “sensitive”. Though it is important for addicts to engage in talk therapy in order to recovery, it is only one component of the holistic approach.

You see, activity-based therapy fully encourages patients to explore various other outlets, especially those that are physical—weightlifting, sports, etc.—to assist patients in coping with the multiple changes that they will be going through during their addiction treatment. It is only natural for patients to experience frustration, anger, and aggression as they recovery.  However, engaging in recreational activities and fully completing less traditional assignments will help men work through any negative emotions without them being self-destructive. In many cases, these types of distractions can help curb their cravings. In addition, having fun helps to remind patients that pleasure still exists in each one of their lives, and that there is value in their lives beyond that temporary high that they get from drugs and alcohol.

Various studies have reported that complementary therapies like music and exercise are extremely valuable to a multidisciplinary treatment program for alcohol and drugs. In some cases, activity-based therapy has been shown to reduce the overall risk of relapse.

Men’s Drug Addiction Treatment and Activity Therapy

Drug detoxification, outpatient, and residential programs all tend to approach treatment in numerous ways, but they all have the same goal in mind: maintaining long-term sobriety. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, we have a variety of activities that are offered to our patients including wood shop, basketball, snowboarding, skiing, swimming, weightlifting, nature walks, and more—all of this in combination with individual and group therapy, disease education, and 12-step integration.


If you would like to learn more about the recreational activities and therapeutic programs available at Shadow Mountain Recovery, give us a call today. We have activity-based addiction treatment focused solely for men and would be happy to discuss our treatment program, which encourages patients to embrace healthy, active lifestyles as they focus on wellness and sobriety.

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