Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment includes ongoing discovery and skill-building processes of treatment while increasing exposure to life situations for the generalization and application of recovery skills. Some features of extended care treatment include a longer duration of engagement with increasing autonomy for the planning and execution of life goals. Residential treatment can be as individualized as each client’s needs and assumes an adequate foundation of skills to sustain abstinence for ongoing recovery development.

Our comprehensive treatment approach includes addiction education, group and individual therapy, along with family counseling. Physical activity and recreational outings are also an important part of the program schedule. The goal is to provide a protective environment which includes medical stabilization, support, treatment for addictive disorders and co-occurring conditions, with supervision 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Recovering from addiction is not as simple as stopping the behavior. Addiction related problems creep into every area of life. It makes sense to make the commitment to yourself and the people who love you, to get help to understand how this happened. With education and support, this experience can turn into an important opportunity for change and improved quality of life.


Shadow Mountain Recovery Albuquerque provides a 30-day drug Residential Treatment for men and women.


Shadow Mountain Recovery Cascade provides a 90-day drug Residential Treatment for women.

Colorado Springs

Shadow Mountain Recovery Colorado Springs provides a 30-day drug Residential Treatment for men and women.


Shadow Mountain Recovery in Taos provides extended residential treatment for 90 days. This is a male only center.