Recovery Program for Young Men

Recovery Program for Young Men 18-30

More About SMR’s Men’s Extended Care located in Taos, New Mexico

At SMR, our job is to help make excellent 12-step members out of the young men who come to us seeking a new life.

The core of SMR’s recovery program is founded in the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which applies readily to all forms of addiction. This way of life, when fully pursued, has excellent success rates among the addicted population from all walks of life. You may have heard that the 12-step approach has lower than excellent success rates, and when you count all who have been exposed to it at some time or another, or for some reason or another, this may hold true. The difference between the people who have success and those who do not is the level at which they apply the concepts to their life, and actually pursue this design for living. Many people are coerced into AA or other 12 step programs by others, such as parents, spouses and judges. They walk in with a level of prejudice that some don’t get over, and many do not work through this to see the value of the 12 step way.

At SMR, we create an environment for the attraction of recovery to shine brightly. Through role-modeling at both staff and resident levels and the teaching of how life contains the full spectrum of feelings which may be experienced in a healthy way, we help our young men grow up and meet life’s challenges. When newer clients arrive, and see that our community is upbeat, helpful, fun-loving, all with a serious earnestness, they want we have and become to do the personal work to get it. This is when attraction takes over. It becomes something they want.

Our residents will work all 12 steps with a sponsor in the local 12-step community while in residence at SMR. The steps themselves promise a spiritual awakening, and this awakening, when combined with the full suite of elements of the SMR program, shape the resident into a solid recovery program and a solid life. This recovery begins to regenerate itself on a daily basis, and after the long-term SMR recovery program, eventually becomes sustainable in the real world and independent living.