Ripple Ranch Therapies

Evidence-based, Holistic Model

Our comprehensive residential treatment program is built upon the following key components:

  • Treatment approaches proven to be effective in recovery from substance abuse disorders
  • Holistic practices to empower lasting and fulfilling recovery
  • Individualized care to discover and develop a recovery plan that meets your unique needs
  • Qualified professionals and a small 1:6 counselor-to-client ratio to deliver the highest standard of care
  • Integrated dual-diagnosis treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders
  • Twelve months of aftercare for continued support after discharge from our residential treatment program

Addiction is a complex disorder with biological, psychological, and social implications. Because addictive substances change the way the brain communicates and processes information, it can be very difficult to abstain from use with will power alone. Much like diabetes and asthma, addiction is a chronic, relapsing condition. With the help of an effective residential treatment program, however, people suffering from addiction CAN live happy, healthy lives.

Core Addiction Treatment Model

Research shows a long-term residential treatment program is effective in recovery from addiction. Numerous studies have found the cognitive-behavioral therapy model to be effective in the treatment of substance abuse disorders. Our program is based on this model. Individual, group, and family therapy sessions focus on identifying and changing unhealthy patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Developing a relapse prevention plan prepares clients for urges, impulses, and social situations that can trigger use. Additionally, addressing mental health disorders that may co-exist while in a residential treatment program increases long-term success.

Alternative Addiction Treatment

Holistic practices, such as yoga and mindfulness, have been shown to support physical, mental, and emotional balance. Studies have shown mindfulness-based relapse prevention produces better long term outcomes. Experiential techniques, such as EMDR, promote greater self-awareness and insight into the issues that may be underlying patterns of addiction. These therapies are very effective in resolving issues surrounding trauma and grief. Our holistic / experiential program facilitates personal growth and lifestyle changes that empower lasting and fulfilling recovery from addiction.