Treatment Programs at Taos

The Residential Treatment Program is designed for male clients who, where clinically assessed and indicated, require a highly therapeutically structured, clinically driven, accountability oriented treatment experience. We are committed to helping establish quality recovery while cultivating fun and adventure as part of the healthy pursuit of a life worth living.

Having fun in recovery is another important component of our program. Experiential activities are integral to Shadow Mountain Recovery’s culture. The Taos campus features a woodworking shop, a music studio, a gym, basketball and volleyball courts, and numerous hiking trails; allowing these activities to be seamlessly weaved into the daily program schedule.

The Shadow Mountain Recovery Taos Men’s Residential Treatment Program offers the following components:

Extended Primary Care Residential Treatment for Addiction

Shadow Mountain Recovery in Taos provides extended residential treatment for 90 days. The goal is to provide a protective environment which includes medical stabilization, support, treatment for addictive disorders and co-occurring conditions, with supervision 24/7.

Trauma Informed Approach

As trauma often has a widespread impact on those struggling with addiction, we utilize a trauma-informed approach by recognizing the signs and symptoms in clients and families. When symptoms are identified, we often include both EMDR and neurofeedback, as well as evidenced-based treatment modalities. This approach is particularly effective for men who have had multiple failed treatment attempts, which is often indicative of the severe psychological trauma not previously addressed.

Therapeutic Modalities

We utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities to meet the needs of our clients within their treatment experience. Modalities to compliment our core treatment philosophy include; attachment-focused therapy, shame reduction and shame resilience, relapse prevention and management and recovery maintenance, art therapy, music therapy, and psychosocial-driven, life skills-centered motivational change.

Family Program

Family services are provided in a supportive and interactive manner, directed toward maintaining or restoring positive family relationships. These services are time limited and are initially intensive, based on the needs of the family. The family services demonstrate a multi-systemic approach to treatment with the goal of keeping families together. The services include at a minimum bi-monthly family counseling calls to provide psycho-education on addiction and other co-occurring disorders. The Family Program also includes an intensive single-family workshop provided at approximately 80 days into treatment, which addresses dysfunctional family dynamics and helps families begin to build healthy relationships.