Why Out of State Treatment

Out of State Treatment

There are many challenges that accompany early recovery from addiction. Obviously, there are physical considerations along with specific people and places that would be associated with the drug or alcohol use. There are also emotional triggers that can present challenges in terms of stability while new skills are developing. Sometimes the best start is a fresh start in a new place. At Shadow Mountain Recovery, we always have a number of clients from other areas in our programs.

Advantages of Out of State Treatment:

Beautiful Mountain Settings

We purposefully chose mountain areas for our programming. The simple beauty of a peaceful mountain setting offers everyone fresh a perspective on what is important and how to approach change.

Time and Distance

Recovery is simple but it is not easy. Structured communication allows for the focus to be on treatment and the development of skills.

Authentic Recovery Community

One major focus of treatment programming is reintegrating authentic relationship and community into daily living.

Starting a New Life

Engaging with a recovery community in a new place offers a fresh start. As clients progress, they find employment, educational and relationship opportunities that support recovery and health.