Women’s Program

Womens Program

Addictions treatment without a trauma focus is a waste of time.

It is not easy for women to develop stability and empowerment in early recovery. They often arrive in treatment having experienced a high level of trauma from unhealthy and abusive relationships, which produces an intense need to feel loved by others that is often met by engaging in self destructive behaviors. These learned patterns of survival are almost impossible to effectively address in a short-term treatment intervention. Shadow Mountain Recovery understands this and provides treatment that is long term and trauma informed. The peaceful mountain location of our centers, coupled with an intensive clinical program, provides the right combination for women suffering from addiction and related disorders.

The Shadow Mountain Recovery Cascade women’s program provides safe, long-term residential care. We have a quaint and intimate ten-bed home located in a remote area of the Colorado Rockies. It is halfway up Pike’s Peak Highway, surrounded by pine trees with views across the pass. Our Cascade location offers state of the art treatment modalities, in a serene, compassionate, and healing environment. Nestled in the mountain of Southern Colorado, Cascade is the ideal location to climb from the shadows of addiction into the light of recovery. Once a bed and breakfast, the facility is set up to enhance the community lifestyle that is so integral in early recovery, while still providing a private and intimate setting.

The women’s program is designed specifically to address issues that tend to disproportionately effect women, like trauma, anxiety, codependency, and difficulty in developing healthy relationships. Here are just a few of the offerings we provide:

  • Integrative psychiatric assessment and medication management services
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Psycho-Educational groups; including focus groups on addiction, mood disorders, and trauma recovery
  • Experiential therapy
  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Individualized treatment and care